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The Blur Beauty Sponge $18


The Blur Beauty Sponge is an ultra soft beveled beauty sponge designed to complete your set of luxurious complexion brushes from Blended Society Beauty. 


 Our signature Henna hued sponge is designed to be used wet or dry.  For a hydrating and sheer look, wet the sponge with water and gently squeeze out excess and pat in your skin care, foundation, or concealers.  


To use to set, keep the sponge dry and dip into your favorite powder and press in to the skin. 


Define your contours and highlights by using the beveled side to sculpt.


Handle with Care

Due to the ultra soft material, please do not squeeze the sponge with excess force.  The sponge will tear with too much force.  

Clean your sponge with an antibacterial soap and massage gently into the soiled areas.  Lay on a towel for drying tool to dry completely.


The Blur Beauty Sponge

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